The sunken wreck of the schooner "Rond" will be salvaged from the bottom

10 февраля 2020, 11:21 260

In the harbor of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Development Corporation of Kamchatka (DCK) began rasing the schooner Rond. It sank in February 2018 because the shipowner didn’t take all necessary measures to ensure that the boat docked safely.

Earlier, the Corporation salvaged two other vessels sunken in the Harbor - the Snegirevo and Monneron seiners. Diving operations are being conducted by the traditional partner of the Corporation - LLC “AKVA-PRO”, headed by Sergey Perkovsky.

The Director General of the Development Corporation of Kamchatka, Yulia Kharitonova , said that cleaning the bottom of the Petropavlovsk Bay in the area rented by the DCK can simultaneously solve three problems:  “It will allow us to improve navigational safety, to make additional parking places for yachts and boats, and to improve the ecological condition of the bay.”

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