FANTALIS goes to the remote places of Kamchatka

06 мая 2020, 12:49 4567

The FANTALIS group of companies which specializes in hotel development, does not change its investment plans in Kamchatka.

Difficult situation in Russian economy affected by the Coronavirus situation could cause project implementation delay, but all the established business initiatives are still relevant.

“The Moscow company was able to demonstrate an example of a successful implementation of an investment project in the field of developing tourist infrastructure in the region,” said Yulia Kharitonova, Director General of the Development Corporation of Kamchatka. “With the help of private investments in the project, FANTALIS, turned a loss-making enterprise into one of the most popular not only among the residents of the region, but also with the Russian and foreign guests of the peninsula hotel complex "Laguna"” During the last year, citizens of two dozen countries stayed at this hotel. Room reservation for the summer season opens in early spring. In high season, the hotel is full.

The reconstruction of the aqua-center and the opening of the “LosLosos”restaurant have attracted the attention of the local people:  now they visit the hotel complex year-round.

Some of the leading Russian specialists in the Hospitality & Leisure industry, attracted by the company, took part in the implementation of the project. The project initiator has the status of a TAD (Territory Of Advanced Socio-Economic Development) resident. Development Corporation of Kamchatka maintains some of the FANTALIS business initiatives.

Some of the company's investment plans are related to the further development of the Laguna hotel complex. Roman Fantalis, the owner of the company of the same name, shared some of them. In the near future, additional 26 guest houses with mangal zones will be constracted on the territory of the complex, and the number of offers for services and entertainment will increase. The project is going to grow and develop from year to year, but the details are not to be disclosed yet.

Part of the company's plans is devoted to the creation of tourist infrastructure facilities in the region.

In a recent conversation with the leadership of the Development Corporation of Kamchatka Roman Fantalis said that if it is necessary, the company is ready to take an active part in creating mass quarantine camp with all the infrastructure for the patients infected with coronavirus in Kamchatka.

It is also worth noting that earlier the specialists of the FANTALIS group of companies created a project for a new passenger terminal of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky International Airport, which includes a convenient transfer point, hotel, restaurants and shops. You can see a complete visualization of the project on the company's website.

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